Ovonic NiMH D battery

Ovonic offers D cell battery replacement for a variety of devices including candle, flashlight etc.

ovonic's D battery replacement uses nickel-metal hydride chemistry, which is rechargeable, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient.

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Tip: The standard Rechargeable D cell is 59.0 ± 0.5mm in height and 32.3 ± 0.2mm in diameter.

  • Ovonic 10000mAh NIMH-D  battery [4packs] - Ovonicshop
    Ovonic 10000mAh NIMH-D  battery [4packs] - Ovonicshop
    from $29.99 AUD

    Ovonic 10000mAh NIMH-D Rechargeable battery


    D size NiMH battery is a common type of battery in life. It is widely used in various devices. Ovonic released a D battery with a capacity of up to...

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    from $29.99 AUD