Ovonicshop Shipping Country

Dear customers

We can ship Ovonic LiPo batteries to many countries from Ovonicshop warehouse(you can use "ctrl+F" to find your country or contact us via info@ovonicshop.com).

1.Can place order directly on our shop and free shipping on order over $99AUD (NO include any tax and duty):
Country Abbr. Delivery Time
Australia AU 8-15 business days
Russia RU 19-30 business days
Singapore SG 7-12 business days
Malaysia MY 7-15 business days
South Korea KR 7-12 business days
Thailand TH 7-12 business days


2.Can place order directly on our shop and need to pay shipping fee(NO include any tax and duty):
India IN 10-30 business days
Ukraine UA 7-15 business days
Japan JP 12-15 business days
Israel IL 15-30Business Days


3.Need to inquiry before placing order(USA, EU, CA recommend to place the order directly on ampow.com. Shipping from ovonicshop will take a long time (more than 1 month)):

New Zealand, Philippines, Brazil, Israel, Kazakhstan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Greece, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Germany, Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland(Free shipping on order over  $99AUD for some EU countries)

And more countries not listed above also contact us for inquiry

Tips: lipo batteries over 100WH isn't support to ship to some countries on our store's default shipping channal, like India, Australia, Pls contact us before placing order, thank you.