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Ovonic AA battery

AA batteries are widely used in many small appliances and digital products because of their small size and moderate capacity.

And NiMH AA battery is very popular among AA battery because of its rechargeable and no memory effect.

Ovonicshop now offers top AA NiMH batteries in a variety of packages including 2400mah 4pack and  2800mah 8 /16packs

Also provide other size NiMH batteries, such as aaa battery, C battery, D battery, etc.

  • Ovonic AA 2400mAh  NIMH  battery [4packs] - Ovonicshop
    Ovonic AA 2400mAh  NIMH  battery [4packs] - Ovonicshop
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    $14.91 AUD

    Ovonic AA 2400mAh Rechargeable NIMH battery


    NIMH batteries have been widely used in various small and portable electronic devices and the AA battery is one of the most popular sizes. Ovonic 2...

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    $14.91 AUD
    Sold out