About us

Who Are We?

Ovonic RC Battery Company

Ovonic, founded in 2017, aims to build a direct to customer online battery brand, and to create an easier solution for new comers to break into RC world. Ovonic prides itself with the best prices and multi-choice of batteries to power up all forms of RC’s from land to air.

E-MATE DEVELOPMENT CO., LIMITED, a company which registered in Hong Kong, now is Ovonic's sales company.

Ovonic Company Mission

The mission of Ovonic company is to bring real fun to this community without the high price tag. With our high discharge, high quality, and great prices, our batteries will allow every hobbyist to enjoy the incredible power, speed, and pleasure while playing with their friends or even training alone.

Committed to Solving Issues

Not only are we committed to the high quality of our batteries but we also prioritize our RC related issues by keeping knit bonds with RC hobbyists. We take serious consideration of the ever-changing needs of our customers and constantly strive to improve our batteries for our community.

Team Ovonic

We love RC and everyone and anyone who loves RC. We built an amazing team - Team Ovonic. Who are our members? David Graves, Jeff Bates, Luiz Rena to Meireles - fpv, and Justin Kent Furnis! They love the RC community and are constantly challenge themselves to keep improving and to push the boundaries of FPV further. We will announce more pilots and drivers in the coming days. Now, let’s tackle the different types challenges ahead of us together, so that we may grow and improve as a team!


As an emerging battery brand, Ovonic has been lucky enough to be recognized by RC hobbyists that we are a trustworthy and high-quality brand. All we ask, is people to give our batteries a try, and most people are impressed with the high performance and the amazing price point.


Huge thanks and much love to all our supporters.