Ovonicshop - Black Friday& Cyber Monday lipo battery big price cuts!

 Ovonicshop - Black Friday& Cyber Monday lipo battery big price cuts!

  • What is Black Friday& Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is one of the biggest sales campaigns in the world and also considered a good time to buy good quality goods and Christmas gifts. And Cyber Monday is a relatively new festival. The first Monday after Black Friday is a special shopping festival for those who missed Black Friday.  In the past, Black Friday& Cyber Monday is only hot in USA and EU, but now they are worldwide events. Customers can find a great discount on the physical store and online store with different product offers. Some of the most popular products are related to household items, electronics, fashion, beauty, technology, also including RC lipo batteries.


  • So why do not miss this event?

Although ovonic has a long history of manufacturing lipo batteries, Ovonicshop is a new online store, so it is the first year of ovonicshop Black Friday& Cyber Monday promotions. In order to thanks to the supports of our customers, we have three the biggest price cuts of the year! It start from 29th Nov. to 3rd Dec

Beside the big discount, you can get extra 10% for some items when you buy 4 packs and extra AUD$20 off over AUD$198. All of these discounts can be use at the same time, it will auto calculate when you add to cart and check out.

If you have followed our store before, you would know that our store has few events, so don’t miss this event!

Link: https://www.ovonicshop.com/collections/battery-deals


  • What is worth to buy?

Now let me show you some items with a low price.

First, FPV lipos

Our new product, 650mah 3s 80c up to 56% off, can be used on 90mm to 150mm FPV, only AUD $15.99.


but if your FPV is bigger, 1300mah 5s 100c is suitable for 180mm - 280mm FPV, only need AUD $27.77.

If you think the capacity of 1300mah is not enough, 1550mah 5s 100c is also available, only need AUD32.99 for one pack. But personally, I still recommend you to buy 1300mah 5s, because it is more worthwhile to buy in this price.



More lipo batteries are offered, you can enter our event page to pick on.

Second, RC car batteries are also have a big discount. Such as the 6700mah 4s for x-maxx 8S, only  $81.10 AUD . The same as 6500mah 4s for 1/8 Scale Vehicles such as 1/8 Buggies, Truggies, Monster Trucks, only $77.77 AUD for 1 pack if you buy 4 packs.


Thirdly, for the RC airplane/Heli lipo battery, there are many lipos with great deal for different model.

Like 6000 4s 50c for RC airplane, helicopter, car, truck, boat, drone, only need $52.99 

 If your drone is small ,we also have 450mah 2s for small airplane, foamy, up to 56% off, you can get 2 packs only $13.16AUD.And 1000mah 2s 50c for E-flite Fokker DVII 250, Nieuport 17 250, Blade 200 QX ,Warbirds FMS 800mm and X520 FPV VTOL 520MM (20.4") Wingspan - RTF etc. is also very cheap, $19.19AUD for two packs



In conclusion, all product is in a big price drop! Want get the lowest price of ovonic lipo batteries, this is a opportunity to save your money.

Tip: Ovonicshop free shipping on order over AUD$99 for AU & KR & RU& MY &SG


We also have Ovonic lipo Balck Friday& Cyber monday promotions on our Ampow, link:

USA: https://www.ampow.com/blackfriday

CA: https://www.ampow.com/ca/rc-lipo-batteries.html

EU: https://www.ampow.com/eu/black-friday-sale

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