Ovonicshop Christmas lipo sales and gifts, what is worth to buy

Ovonicshop Christmas lipo sales and gifts, what is worth to buy

Christmas is a holiday celebrated on December 25. It is both a sacred religious holiday and a global cultural and commercial phenomenon. People around the world have been observing it with religious and secular traditions and customs all the time. Popular customs include exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending churches, sharing food with family and friends, and of course waiting for Santa to arrive.

It is also a good choice to have a RC flight or running with friends and family at this wonderful moment.

In order to greet Christmas festivals,which is one of the biggest festivals of the year, ovonicshop also has a Christmas lipo event. Now you can buy AUD $ 118 Get 1 Ovonic Hat or Buy AUD $ 198 Get 1 Ovonic T-Shir as our Christmas gift. Of course, the price reduction is also available because it is already the end of the year. In order to put new products into storage next year, ovonicshop also have a large clearance in this event, so there will be a large discount on the clearance products. Now let us see what is worth buying.


First, let’s look at the FPV lipo batteries, which is most popular category among our customers.

1.Part one,the popular batteries with very big discounts on events

1550mah 4s 100c, get many positive feedback from our customers, only need AUD$24.99. If you buy 5 packs, We free ship to AU & RU & MY & SG & KR and will give 1 ovonic hat as gift.

In addition, the 1300mah 4s 100c,during the Black Friday, the inventory was not sufficient, so this item was no in the event. In Christmas, there is also a very large discount for this battery, only AUD $19.99.

More items like 1000mah 6s 100c, 1550mah 5s 100c and so on are also available, please check our event page.


2.Part two, clearance items with huge discounts.

The prices of these 4s FPV items are very low.

O-80C-1550-4S1P-XT60---AUD $22.99  

O-50C-1550-4S1P-XT60---AUD $15.99

O-50C-1300-4S1P-XT60---AUD $13.99


Of course, there are other items with good prices. If you are more interested in them, you can also go to our event page to buy.


 Second, RC car batteries

1.The first recommend item is 5500mah 3s 50c that can be used both RC car and airplane, only need AUD $37.99

Besides this item, other lipo batteries like 5000mah 3s, 5200mah 2s and etc. With different voltage& capacities& plugs ,can match different RC car model like Arrma, Axial, Traxxas series and more. If you are not sure which battery is fit your car, we also We also have a simple sort of different models like LiPo for Arrma, traxxas stampede vxl battery, E-Revo vxl battery,


Third, RC airplane/Heli lipo batteries

As the items mentioned above, some items can use on RC car and airplane. Here we recommend this 3000mah 4s, which is one of the new ovonic products, which can be used on plane like Protech Stylus & 40 size trainer, Drone like Tricopter & oktokopter, heli like t-rex 500, also can be used for 1/10 truck. If it suits your model, you can get it now at a very favourable, for only AUD $ 45.99 , even cheaper than Black Friday.



1.Ovonicshop free shipping on order over AUD$99 for AU & KR &RU &MY &SG

2.As long as your order exceeds AUD$118 or AUD$198, the hat or T-shirt will be included in your package, you don't need to add to cart or leave message.
3. If you need return goods, the gift also need to send back to us.

4. Ampow (ship to USA, EU, CA)also have Christmas promotions, and have a special event to offer free lipo gifts(No restrictions on the country of participants, ovonicshop users can also apply), click the following links to check details:

USA(Free lipo gifts apply page): https://www.ampow.com/christmas

EU: https://www.ampow.com/eu/christmas

CA:  https://www.ampow.com/ca/rc-lipo-batteries.html

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