Dropship Review: 5 Profitable Lipo Batteries For Rc Car in 2019

Dropship Review: 5 Profitable Lipo Batteries For Rc Car in 2019

Dropshipping business is a profitable business model, but for those who want to dropship lipo batteries, how to identify the profitable lipo batteries products and where to get them. It’s really a big difficulty for each sellers.

Here you will get 5 best lipo batteries for RC car to dropship in 2019, some useful skills of how to pick the potentially profitable lipo battery products and where to get the good quality and cheap lipo battery from this article.

How to pick the profitable products when dropshipping lipo battery for RC cars

How to get more profits from your dropshipping business? Except for the outstanding promotion capacity. The key is to pick the right products for your dropshipping business.

So how to pick a profitable dropshipping lipo battery? Here are some skills:

  1. Identify product categories that customer will purchase repeatedly

Usually, the once-off orders will be better but we all know, lipo batteries for RC car don’t have a large profit margin, besides, they are the consumables. When the old battery is not good, people will rather buy a new one than repair it. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the related industry news, such as RC cars, fpv drone, etc. to know the trends of the lipo battery and related product requirements.

  1. Analyze consumers behaviors and research your competitors’ product

Consumers’ purchase behaviors will tell you what kinds of lipo batteries to have good sales and product trends. Besides, research your competitors, including their products, how do they price and sell their products and where are their product source. In this way, you may predict what potential product they will sell.

Do not spend too much time on competitor research.

  1. Find the right dropshipping lipo battery by joining the social community

In our life, there are many social media tools platforms and each one has its own communities about a different topics. Like Facebook, there are many open and closed communities on different topics. Joining the related community, like RC car, or Drone or the RC car batteries and attending their discussion can help you understand which lipo batteries do people want.


After knowing how to pick a profitable RC car lipo battery for dropshipping, here I will share some cheap and good branded lipo battery that you can make them as a reference when finding dropshipping product categories.

5 Profitable lipo batteries for Rc car to dropship

OVONIC 5500mAh 3S 11.1V LiPo Battery Pack for RC car

Reach high durability in RC cars, RC buddies, RC trucks, etc. with sturdy Hardcase design; The Hardcase design can protect your battery. This kind of 3S lipo battery pack is compatible with all 1/8 & 1/10 RC scale. Whether your RC car models, like Traxxas Slash, Slash 4x4, E-revo2.0, Traxxas UDR version.


If your RC car model is 1/8 or 1/10, the OVONIC batteries will be your good choices. Because they have a large capacity of 5500mAh with 50C, which can provide your RC car enough power and make your car be faster. For the charging, you need a deans plug.

4600mAhHardcase Short LiPo Battery for 1/10 RC Buggy

This battery is almost for all 1/10 buddy, such as TLR22, XRAY, YOKOMO, etc. providing short size batteries most of 1/10 RC cars.

With a high discharge rate and long running time, the Hardcase short lipo battery is perfect for the professional RC car hobby models.

Besides, good quality lipo battery with cheap price make your RC buddy have great performance.


If your buddy needs short batteries, this cheap lipo batteries will be one of your best choices, because 210g weight let your RC buddy run faster and 50 C discharge rate and 4600mAh capacity help your RC buddy be powerful in some situation and double your driving time.

Hardcase Short lipo batteries for 1/10 RC Buddy are 95mm x 46mm x 25mm. Purchase it, you need to get a dean style connector to plug this battery in. But don’t worry, this kind of connector is included in the pack.

Ovonic 6200mAh 2S 50C LiPo Battery Pack for 1/8 & 1/10 for RC Car

Looking for light and long run time battery for your RC car? Ovonic 6200mAh 2S 50C LiPo Battery Pack will be your best choice. Ovonic 6200mAh 2S 50C LiPo Battery Pack is widely used in 1/8 & 1/10 RC car models, such as monster truck, crawler. What’s more, they are made by superior lipo raw materials. No matter which model you use, they always provide you the perfect and safe driving experience.

Comparing with other brand lipo batteries, Ovonic batteries have a strict safe control system. Differ from other battery, Ovonic lipo batteries has their own factory. Good quality lipo battery for dropship helps you to expand your business.


 Large capacity with 6200mAh, lightweight and high compatibility make this kind of lipo battery pack are more popular among people.

Their size is 137mm*46mm*24mm and each Ovonic 6200mAh for RC car includes the dean style connectors.

4500mAh Ovonic LiPo Battery Pack with T Plug for RC Heli Car

Dropshipping the best lipo battery for RC Heli cars? Ovonic 11.1V, 50C, 4500mAh LiPo Battery Pack will be one of your best choices when choosing dropshipping lipo batteries for RC Heli cars.

Lightweight is good for RC Heli cars. 11.1 High voltage and 4500mAh capacity allow your RC Heli cars have enough power when starting flying and speeding up. However, with the high discharge rate, it doesn’t allow your flying long time in the sky. Besides, these batteries charge quickly and hold a charge well. For the RC hobby, this lipo battery will provide them different flying experience.


Its size is 135mm*40mm*25mm. Each lipo battery for RC Heli cars includes the Deans Plug/XT60 Plug connector type and JST-XHR balance connector type.

5000mAh Ovonic Lipo Battery with XT60 & Trx Plug for X-Maxx

As one of the popular RC monster cars among people, the related lipo batteries also have high demand.   

Ovonic Lipo Battery is always for your high-quality RC devices, such as, X-Maxx. It can double your RC device's performance times with 5000mAh capacity. Besides, 14.8V offer you enough power when running on the muddy road and rushing in the meadow.


The size of the battery is 154x42x32mm and its’ discharge rate is 50C.

Good product is the first step to succeed in dropshipping. But what is the key for the success of drop shipping lipo battery? In the following contents, you will get the secret of getting great money from your dropshipping business.

The secret of making great money in dropshipping lipo battery for RC cars

 Actually, there is no rocket science while dropshipping lipo battery. Everyone can do this with some little knowledge of the latest trends about the industry and the promotion skills in the market. Here is the major one.

  • Finding low-cost suppliers

Except for the highly profitable products, the most important secret of being a success in your dropship lipo battery for RC cars is to find low-cost suppliers. As you know RC car lipo batteries don’t have a too large profit margin, therefore, finding a low-cost supplier can increase your profit margin.

How do you find this cheap lipo battery for dropship?

To get the cheap and the best lipo battery for RC car to dropship, it requires you to do research online and make a comparison, because not all dropship suppliers will offer the comprehensive services at a low cost.

Therefore, in order to get the cheap and best RC car battery for drop ship, you should:

  • Do research on Google

 Google can meet all your needs and quires, as the one-stop solution. So it’s easy for your to find dropship products including dropshippers. To get the best drop shipper on hand, you should check the customer's reviews and testimonials. Although Google shows you the best result, when you search drop shippers, there are also many frauds.

  • Find a reliable one

Undoubtedly, it’s hard to find a reliable supplier to dropship lipo RC batteries. When you look up for cheap dropship RC lipo battery, Google will show you a huge list of dropshipping suppliers. How to identify the best one? When you get a shortlist of dropshipping suppliers, spending time on making a comparison price with ebay, Amazon, or Alibaba. It may kill you much time during this process, but trust me. This is worth, because you dropship RC lipo battery is for profits not losses.

Ovonicshop ---- one-stop solution for dropshipping

Would you like to dropship lipo battery with the low cost and good dropshipping services ever? Ovonicshop is definitely the global integrated supply network, a dropshipping supplier and the manufacturer. They always list the cheap and the best lipo battery for drop ship or wholesale, which you never get from Alibaba,eBay or Amazon. Except for the best lipo battery for RC car, fpv batteries and RC plane batteries for different models are also provided by Ovonicshop. 

Lipo battery for RC cars from Ovonicshop get thousands of good customer reviews all over the world. Each lipo battery have strict quality control check before shipping out. Get access to the hundreds of high-quality products with exciting price, Ovonicshop will give your dropship business a new dimension. Whether your business is small, medium or large scale, all you need to do is to pick lipo batteries you want to sell, list them on your website and let customer place orders. Once your order is placed, order it by using your Ovonicshop account at a reduced dropshipping price. Now join us, getting the exciting VIP discount.


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