Thanksgiving Day RC Battery Deals 2021: FPV drone, Car, Aircraft

Thanksgiving Day Ovonic RC Battery Deals: FPV drone, Car, Aircraft

Thanksgiving Day in 2021 is getting near, have you made a plan to buy RC batteries? At that time, Ovonic will hold a large-scale battery promotion, which is a good time for you to save cash.When will the best Thanksgiving battery offers of 2021 be launched?

Official time of the promotion: 11/19/2021-11/25/2021

Thanksgiving is a particularly good time to buy batteries, and we offer more aggressive battery discounts than usual.

  •  Buy 3 get 1 free
  • Amazing discount

 Thus, if you're looking for the smallest possible price, it's worth buying Ovonic batteries on Thanksgiving.

 What products are worth looking forward to?

ovonic 6s

Ovonic 120C Lipo battery for FPV racing

  1. Designed for professional racing drones
  2. 120C,ultra-high discharge rate;
  3. Further power under the same weight.

ovonic rebel serise for arrma car

Rebel series for Arrma car

  1. Provide continuous strong power and long running time.
  2. High continuity, can repel roof jumps, multiple violent impacts, and a lot of water action.
  3. It can reach close to 300 cycles, and it can still output enough voltage under heavy load.

 Client reviews

"this battery is the real deal. I stepped up from a 4s 100c 1550mah, to this battery, 6s 120C 1200mah. not only is 4S obviously a jump in voltage, the c standing is veritably high with the Ovonic lipo cell pack, and it surely performs  well. I have noway heard the 1950kv motors on my 210 scream like that.6s is the way to go on a racing drone, when i hit full throttle this thing goes to the moon."— — Michael Ripple

ovonic 22.2V lipo

"Compared with other batteries, this battery is nearly 50 grams lighter, with low resistance, and the power it provides impresses me.Ovonic RC car batteries are one of the best lipo batteries, you don’t have to worry about its quality."— — Diego M

 About Ovonic

Ovonic is a well-known RC lipo battery brand, focusing on the design and manufacture of high-rate battery packs for various RC products, similar to remote control helicopters, cars, airplanes, etc. Ovonic company brings you high-quality products and intimate customer service experience. Ovonic enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad and is the world's leading manufacturer of RC lithium batteries.