Replacement Battery for Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a good choice for parents to care for their children. Its earpiece is almost always on, so choose a model that use a Baby Monitor Rechargeable Battery or can plugged into a power source. NiMH batteries are widely used in baby monitors due to their excellent performance (such as environmental protection, rechargeable, high capacity, high safety, etc.).

And now Ovonicshop can offer you high quality NiMH replacement battery for baby monitor , as well as other home appliance batteries such as cordless phone batteries, vacuum cleaner battery, etc.



  • Ovonic 900mAh 3.6 V 3S1P NIMH  battery with tamiya plugs for baby monitor - Ovonicshop
    $9.96 AUD

    Ovonic 900mAh 3.6 V 3-cells NIMH battery with molex 5264-2p plugs for baby monitor


    Ovonic NiMH 900mAh 3.6 V battery is a battery pack specifically designed for baby monitors. It is made of nickel-metal hydride compounds. It is che...

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    $9.96 AUD