Vacuum Cleaner Battery Pack

Cordless vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more common in more and more homes because they can perform plug-in vacuuming and are not restricted by electrical outlets. So choosing a Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Battery is also very much needed.

Ovonic specializes in the production of high quality NiMH batteries for home appliance and daily use like NiMH Cordless Vacuum Battery, cordless phone battery, AA batterybaby monitor battery etc.


  • Ovonic  3000mAh 10.8V 9S1P NIMH Shark vacuum cleaner battery replacement - Ovonicshop
    $39.99 AUD

    Ovonic 3000mAh 10.8V 9-cells NIMH Shark vacuum cleaner battery replacement


    Free Shipping to AU& RU& SG& JP& KR The vacuum cleaner is a household appliance that we often use, and the battery is the power to ...

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    $39.99 AUD