The types of power tool batteries

The types of power tool batteries

  1. Power tool batteries made of Ni-MH batteries


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The energy density of NiMH batteries used as power tools is not as good as that of lithium batteries. Therefore, in the same battery pack space, the capacity of NiMH batteries is smaller than that of lithium batteries, but the consistency of NiMH batteries is better than that of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are higher, so NiMH battery packs are better than lithium batteries in terms of safety performance. At the same time, NiMH batteries can achieve 15C rate or higher rate discharge capacity, which can fully meet the requirements of the working characteristics of electric tools. Of course, Ni-MH batteries are heavier than lithium batteries, but they are cheaper than lithium batteries in terms of manufacturing costs and market prices, and they are still relatively competitive.

In addition, the low-temperature performance of nickel-metal hydride batteries is much worse than that of low-temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries and low-temperature lithium polymer batteries, so the power tool batteries used in low-temperature areas are generally not suitable for NiMH batteries.

  1. Power tool batteries made of ordinary lithium-ion batteries

If the power tool battery is made of ordinary lithium-ion batteries, it must meet the performance of high-rate discharge to meet the working requirements of power tools. However, ordinary lithium-ion batteries cannot provide higher-rate discharge performance due to cost and material limitations. The cheaper lithium power tool batteries bought on the market often feel like this when using them. It’s okay to use it at the beginning, but after a while, it’s obvious that the power of the power tool has dropped significantly. , Limp, without motivation. At the same time, ordinary lithium-ion batteries have general high temperature resistance performance, so the service life is relatively shorter.

  1. Power tool battery made of LiFe battery


LiFe battery has certain advantages as a power tool battery. Its high temperature resistance is better than other types of lithium batteries. At the same time, it can achieve a discharge performance of more than 30C. It has an ideal effect when used in a wide temperature environment at room temperature. Compared with NiMH battery, its low temperature performance and energy density are relatively better, and its service life is longer than that of NiMH battery. Ni-MH batteries have a memory effect, but LiFe batteries do not. The current technology of LiFe batteries is insufficient compared to NiMH batteries, so the battery consistency is relatively poor, and the safety of battery packs is slightly worse than that of NiMH batteries.


  1. Power tool battery made of lithiumpolymer battery



Among power tool batteries, the use of lithium polymer batteries should be the most expensive. lithium polymer batteries not only have higher energy density, but are also the best in achieving ultra-high rate discharge performance. The reason why lithium polymer batteries are expensive is that they use some high-energy-density rare materials, and their production and manufacturing technology requirements are relatively high. The disadvantage is that the internal high temperature performance is slightly worse than that of iron phosphate batteries, and is similar to NiMH batteries.



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