Where to buy the FPV LiPo battery in Russia?

Where to buy the FPV LiPo battery in Russia?

In fact, LiPo battery means lithium polymer battery, a rechargeable battery that provides high energy storage density to weight ratio. They also provide stable voltage output, safe and fast discharge, fast charging times, and can be configured for a wide variety of voltages, capacities, shapes and sizes. Due to its superior performance, the LiPo battery has become very popular in the electric remote control world and has become the first choice for FPV.


RC Li-Po battery advantages

  1. LiPo battery is light in weight and can be made into almost any shape and size.
  2. LiPo batteries have a large capacity, which means that they maintain a large amount of energy in a small package (high energy density).
  3. LiPo is very good at maintaining a stable voltage/power output during discharge. However, when compared to NiCd (nickel cadmium battery)and NiMh (nickel hydride battery) or PB (lead acid battery), the voltage/power drop when they reach a fully discharged state is very fast (and is harmful) .
  4. LiPo battery has a high discharge rate and can provide power for the most demanding electric remote control aircraft and vehicles. LiPo also allows for a fairly high charging rate, so it can be charged in one hour or less.
  5. LiPo does not have “memory effect”.


Different LiPo batteries on the market have different prices and different performances, so we should care about several performance parameters of LiPo:

  • Capacity: The capacity of the battery determines how long you can use the
  • Voltage: Depending on the number of cells, generally the voltage of 1cell is 3.7v, and voltage of n*cell is n*3.7v.  As the picture below, 4s represents that there are 4 cell inside this battery, so the voltage is 4*3.7v =14.8v. This parameter affects the motor speed.
  • Discharge Rate (C): Represents the discharge capacity of the battery.

Of course, there are other parameters that can be obtained from the seller when purchasing the battery.

 OVONIC 1550mAh 4S 14.8V 100C


There are a test video comes from Anik FPV. Let's take a look at the different performance of different batteries




For the Ovonic LiPo 1550mAh 100 4s battery mentioned in the video, ovonicshop is now open to Russia so you can purchase it with the button below. And 1550mAh 5s and 6s 1550mAh is also available.Buy now more than AUD $99 (about 4450 RUB) free shipping to the Russian



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