Ovonicshop Halloween lipo batteries deals!

Ovonicshop Halloween lipo batteries deals!

Halloween is coming, that can be the most fun time of the year, the time of pumpkins, candies, ghosts, witches. This time is very suitable for playing RC car, RC airplane with children. Also suitable for taking your FPV to the outside to see autumn beautiful scenery.

In order to celebrate the arrival of this festival, ovonicshop lipo battery has a big price cut till Oct. 30, up to 61%! Now let's see which batteries have larger offers

First, FPV batteries

Ovonic hot sellers, 1300mah series, including 3s 50C, 4s 50C, 5s 100c. only need AUD $13.99 to AUD $26.99.


Want a 6s fpv batteries? 1000mah 6s 100C is also available. Or your drone is smaller and need a lighter LiPo, our new product,650mah 3s are suitable for multirotor FPV from size 90 to 180mm, up to 48% off.


Second, RC car lipo batteries

This time, there are a lot of RC car lipos with super deals. From 1400mah 3s 50c to 8000mah 2S 50C, batteries of various capacities and voltages are available. The 1400mah 3s 50c has a 57% discount, and the 2S 1500mAh LiPo Battery for 1/12, 1/14 1/16 1/18 scale RC cars is the lowest price of lipo Car battery in the event , 1pack only for $12.99 AUD, and 2pack for $24.99. AUD.


Third, Airplane/heli lipo batteries

There are also a variety of Airplane/Heli lipo specifications to participate in this event, so no matter which specification of airdraft you are using, you can find a suitable battery here. There is 450mah 50C 7.4V only need $13.99 AUD for 2 pack, which is the lowest price battery in the whole event, can be used in small airplane. There is also our popular 3S 3000mAh 50C for park flyer plane, only $42.99 AUD for 2 packs, up to 48% off., our new 3000mah 4S 35C is also involved in this event.


Of course, many airplane lipos can also be used on the rc car. You can click on the product page to view our description.

Finally, 6S 16000mAh 25C LiPo

 6S 22.2V 16000mAh 25C is a special items for large sized aerial photography vehicles. You can save 39% for only $279.99 AUD/pcs.

But please notice: Item is over 100 wh, invalid for Australia and is overweight so can't ship to Japan, New Zealand, Israel.


A total of 37 items in this promotion. Here are just a few of the larger discount or popular  lipos, and more can be found on our event page.


Of course, don't forget the tips on the banner, you can get extra $10 AUD off order over $129AUD

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