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How to Make Electric RC Car Faster?

Have you ever been into the radio control vehicle? Have you ever raced with other RC modelers? So do you seek for a credible and efficient way to enhance the speed of your car? How to make electric RC car faster? Some newbies may think it complex and have no clues to promote. In reality, it's not as complicated as what you consider. At first, you need to customize some crucial components that affect the speed and then, of course, your proficiency also determines the speed of the radio control vehicles. The objective of this article is to show 5 ways to improve your RC car and help you have a deeper understanding.
How to Make Electric RC Car Faster?

Tip 1. Promoting your RC hobby batteries

Many Ready to Run RC cars comes with old style Ni-Mh or Ni-Cad batteries out of the box ( You know, Ni-Mh or Ni-Cad batteries are cheaper than the new types ). These two kinds of batteries are at a low cost but feature low voltage, heavy weight, and memory effect. Therefore, if you want to speed up your vehicle, the first thing is to update the batteries and employ the lipo batteries. They have large capacity, high discharge rate, and light weight without memory effect. If you'd like to learn more about the related information, please read this article - What kind of RC hobby batteries can we choose?

RC car with 5500mah 50C

However, the lipo battery is more expensive on account of the advanced technology and raw materials. Fortunately, the price of lipo batteries tends to be less expensive with the development of technology. Ovonic lipo battery is one of the credible and cost-effective battery brands. Besides, 2s 5000mah lipo and 5200mah 2s are perfectly suited to 1/10 RC cars.

Tip 2. Improving your motor and electric speed control (ESC)

Just like the battery, the motor of the RTRs usually matches with the inexpensive brushed system. If you' like to speed up your radio control and upgrade the batteries, it'd be better to upgrade your motor. The brushed motor owns less efficiency because the brushes would cause friction against the commutator. Therefore, the brushless motor is better on account of low resistance and higher efficiency. Besides, the motor and electric speed control need to adjust to the types of batteries you choose.

Tip 3. Choosing the right types of tires

RC monster car with full spikes

As we have mentioned above, different kinds of the RC car is suited to different terrain. For instance, the on-road vehicle is fit for pavement and the off-road car is more suitable for the uneven surface. The types of tires resemble the types of radio control vehicle. The radio control vehicle with slicks is good for dry tarmac and road and the RC car with full spikes can apply to grass, puddles or puddles. In addition, the RC models with mini pins perform well on carpet and astroturf.

Tip 4. Enhancing your skill via consistent practice

We have to admit that practice is the most effective and essential method to improve your speed. Of course, there are some tricks during trainning. You can attempt to record the running process via video and then watch and analyze the skill and the running condition. To look for something imperfect and then to attend to change another way to boost. In other word, it'd be better to practice regularly and then learn from trainning. When you have upgraded your radio control vehicle, the next thing is to practice more and learn to operate the vehicle totally.


How to make electric RC car faster? If you have a good understanding of the tips and tricks, it'll not be a problem and you can solve it easily. To take RC hobby batteries, motor and ESC, tire types into consideration and stick to practice regularly. Furthermore, Watching some professional racing video and learning more useful information from the related RC racing forum are also beneficial to improve your skill and speed up.

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