How to maintain and store NiMH batteries

How to maintain and store NiMH batteries

NiMH battery is still one of the most used battery types in the market, whether it is the daily-use NiMH battery, such as cordless phones, toys. There are also  Transmitter, Receiver, some RC Cars, and cordless power tools also need Ni-MH batteries. Many of our lives cannot do without them. Therefore, knowing some knowledge about the maintenance and storage of Ni-MH batteries is very useful for our daily life.


When you buy a new Ni-MH battery, there will be some official life usage data, but in fact this is only an ideal data, usually the life is lower than the official data value. We can't stop the hard conditions of NiMH batteries, but we can increase their lifespan through reasonable use.

  1. Under normal circumstances, a new Ni-MH battery contains a small amount of electricity, so it needs to be charged before use. However, if the battery leaves the factory in a short time, it can be used first and then charged. New Ni-MH batteries can reach their best performance after charging for 3 to 4 cycles. Although the memory effect of NiMH batteries is small, they should not be charged intermittently (that is, the charging is disconnected for a while, and then recharged after a while).
  2. When charging the battery, pay attention to the heat dissipation around the charger. It is not necessary to use a fan to blow it too deliberately, but it should be noted that too many debris should be placed around the charger. In the process of using the battery, some users often don't have a special storage bag for the battery: after replacing the battery, the user will habitually put the battery in hand, regardless of whether the place is clean or humid. The consequence of this is that the battery is easy to get dirty, the contacts are easy to contact with metals such as keys, etc., and it is easy to get damp.

Suggestion: The user should set a dedicated battery placement point and keep the battery clean. In order to avoid problems such as power loss, keep the contact points at both ends of the battery and the inside of the battery cover clean, and wipe gently with a soft, clean, dry cloth if necessary.



When not in use for a long time, remember to take the battery out of the battery compartment and place it in a dry environment. It is recommended to put it in the battery box to avoid battery short circuit. If the Ni-MH battery is stored for too long, it will enter the dormant state, which will reduce its life. If you need to use it, you can slowly charge it for a period of time. .

Of course, there is usually a manual when you get the battery. At this time, it is most appropriate to read the contents of the manual and then follow the brand's requirements.

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