Hot topic for RC girl:How to let more women get involved into RC community?

Hot topic for RC girl:How to let more women get involved into RC community?

According to the Casa Grande RC Flyers Club, the number of women who take part in radio control models has been increasing in recent years. There have been more than 200 members who are fond of flying radio controlled aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles since its establishment, but almost no female hobbyists. Until recent years, "One woman joined in 2017, then in 2018, an additional six women joined." It surprised us that more and more women have got in touch with radio control and joined in the RC community.

Actually, the RC community wishes more women would like to attend, run, fly and race together. To let more female know and be addicted to the passion and charming of RC models as well as to let the RC hobby turn out to be a great community without gender differences. Therefore, how to let more women participate in the world of R/C?

Emmm, we can encourage women around us to know and get in radio control.

At first, it's essential for us to create and maintain an unruly atmosphere in the track and there is no swearing, yelling, drinking, smoking, drugs, or bad languages. It will get more women (perhaps along with their children) gotten in for. Besides, male hobbyists can promote female friends knowing more and trying this RC hobby as well as share the awesome tricks that are full of challenge and adventure to them. Let them know you're not playing a toy truck like a geek but a cool and challenging sport that is also worthy of their affection.

The RC hobby is family-oriented, so the best way of getting more women ejected is to cultivate your daughter when she is still a kid and let her contact RC truck like her brothers. For example, when my little sweet princess was at 5 years old, I gave her a Traxxas Rustler in her birthday and encouraged her to race with her 10-year-old brother. I didn't fix her truck and just encouraged to try by herself as well as taught her how to install, fix and replace the components. RC fun
 Pic Credit: Keith T., Casey N.& Brandon A.

Hahh, you can't imagine that she grasped all of this in a very short time and truly know how to deal with her RC cars. Now one of the funniest and happiest things for her is to race with her brother and me as well as handle RC stuff together. Of course, RC hobby renders me to spend as much time with my family as possible. 

The relevant RC club also needs to move on and promote women joining.

Not only do individual take action but also RC clubs are supposed to assist women in entering in RC hobby. Women who are less exposed to mechanical things are likely to feel stressed out to understand and have a good grasp of the radio controlled models, so it'd be better for various radio control clubs to set up some of the related lessons. From the lessons, they can understand radio control types, rules, and the controls of different RC vehicles as soon as possible. Any question or something that confuse them can be answered or solved immediately. Under this circumstance, women can have a great understanding of R/C and catch on rapidly to the ins-and-outs of model aviation.

In general, an RC vehicle with high performance need to spend hundreds of money, and a powerful radio-controlled airplane costs more. That is why we say RC is an expensive hobby. Therefore, for female newcomers, the clubs can provide some RC models that are specially for them to practice and try. The most significant thing is to keep a communicative, friendly, and mutual learning atmosphere.

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