How to choose the right motor, battery, and ESC for your drone

How to choose the right motor, battery, and ESC for your drone

When designing a small unmanned vehicle, unmanned boat, multi-rotor, fixed wing. A question that must be faced: how to choose the right motor, battery, and ESC. Only when these three are coordinated well, the machine can play its excellent performance, otherwise it may burn the equipment. So next, how to design the relationship between the motor, ESC, and battery. The battery here refers to the polymer lithium battery, other types of batteries are not discussed in the article.

First determine the maximum working current of the motor

At maximum motor efficiency, the current is: 30A. The no-load current of the general model motor is about 2A, and the maximum load current is different for each motor. If the motor is rotating, this time is a high-power ESC, a high discharge rate battery, it will cause a sharp current in a short time Ascending, the time is too long, it will burn the motor. If it is just the 540 motor of a general toy model, do not choose a high-current ESC. If you choose a high-current ESC, you must match a high-power motor to let them cooperate with each other.
Choose ESC:

If the maximum efficiency current of the motor is 30A: then the ESC you choose should be at least 30A, but generally go out for safety considerations, the ESC should choose a bigger one! For example: 35A-40A. But it is best not to exceed too much, so as not to affect the service life of the motor.

Battery selection:
Generally look at the battery capacity first, such as 2200MAh, the capacity is determined, then it depends on the magnification! For example: 2200MAh 10C, then this battery can be: 2.2Ah (2200MAh=2.2Ah) *10=22A, the maximum discharge of this battery The current of 22A obviously does not match the above ESC, so you need to choose 15C 2.2*15=33A, this can meet the previous requirements!
If it is a 20C battery, it can be discharged with a current of 2.2*20=44A. At the maximum power of the aircraft, the current is only 30A. This battery can be discharged at 44A. Undoubtedly, the battery will be easier. The motor is always running at maximum power! The power obtained will be very satisfactory.

With a 2200MAh and 20C battery, a motor with a maximum load current of 30A and an ESC with a maximum output of 45A is a more reasonable configuration.
The combination is a motor with a maximum current of 30A, a 35A-40A ESC, and a 2200MA 20C battery.
Determine the motor, determine the ESC, and finally determine the battery. Never ignore the condition of the motor, blindly select the battery, ESC, easy to burn the motor.

Note that if we choose batteries for the four axes, because the four axes are four sets of ESCs, if we use 45A ESCs, then we have to use 45A X 4 = 180A batteries, we can choose 1800mah 4S on the aerial four axis The 100C battery is 1.8 X100C = 180A, which has reached the optimal weight and capacity matching relationship. The four axes are multiple motors, so choose a larger battery.

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