What is Cine Whoop

What is Cine Whoop

What is Cine Whoop?

Tiny Whoop with a recording camera, especially for aerial photography, is sometimes called Cine Whoop.
Initially, the image quality of the FPV camera installed in the micro drone was low, and when the recording function (DVR) of the FPV goggles was used for recording, noise entered through radio waves. To get clear, high-quality aerial video, you need to install a camera on the drone.

Such as BetaFPV, Beta85X HD, Happymodel Mobula7 HD

Beta85X HD
Drone with recording function

Starting around 2018, there have been a number of micro drone models with recording functions such as Each Cinecam, Happymodel's Mobula 7 HD and Mobula 6 HD, iFlight Cinebee, BetaFPV Beta85X HD and Beta75X HD, Meteo65 HD. Since stability is more important than power, many models are equipped with 2S to 3S batteries with slightly lower output power, like 450mah 2s XT30 and have four blades as propellers. Some have 4K recording capabilities. Using these models, you can easily enjoy aerial photography.

Beta85X V2 Whoop Quadcopter
Drones and action cameras 

 If you want higher quality recordings, you need to equip your micro drone with an action camera. There are FPV drones that can be equipped with action cameras such as GoPro and Insta360 ONE R. However, the aircraft is large and weighs more than 250 grams. According to the aviation law, it is impossible to fly alone (visual observers are required), so it is a bit beyond beginners. Man-machine category.

Make Naked Camera

You can take a sports camera like GoPro apart, make it smaller and lighter, and place it on a drone to shoot aerial video. Just take out the motherboard and lens from the camera and put them in a special case made with a 3D printer, etc., reducing the total weight to 15 to 30 grams. This behavior is also called Naked Camera because it disassembles the camera and strips it naked, and there are forums to discuss it. Some FPV drone manufacturers sell BEC boards and shells to connect GoPro HERO6/7/8 to the drone, and the drone has become a Naked Camera. Of course, transforming an action camera into a Naked Camera is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and no one will compensate if it breaks. Everything must be at your own risk.

Of course, there are also ready-to-fly currently, no need to build, recommended to check BetaFPV X95 V3 and Holybro Kopis

BetaFPV Beta 95X V3 CineWhoop (HD Digital VTX)

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