Several common Electric power RC cars

Several common Electric power RC cars

  • According to the classification of models, it can be divided into on road and off road.
  • According to the scale classification, there are the following 1/5 - 1/32 (even 1/36)

1/8 - 1/10 is most popular,and 1/5 scale is mostly for off road car

  • According to the type classification, the following are common:


1.TOURING: Mainly for the purpose of racing. Most of the 1/10 Electric power TOURING cars are based on four-wheel drive, equipped with a 540-class Electric power machine, four-wheel independent suspension, front and rear independent gearboxes and equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers. Mechanical principle and real TOURING car. The racing and rally cars are the same.



2.BUGGY & TRUGGY: The popular Electric power BUGGY remote control model car has the following types: 1/8 EP Buggy, 1/10 EP Buggy; 1/10 Electric power off-road vehicles are divided into 2WD and 4WD. .


3.SC: SHORT COURSE TRUCK is especially popular in recent years! Although the short-haul truck belongs to the off-road type remote control model car, the short-distance truck has less off-road performance and the ability to pass the rugged terrain than the remote Monster car because of its shorter suspension stroke, smaller rims and tires, and smaller ground clearance. Monster RC car, but they are faster, lighter in body, smaller in frame complexity, and more flexible to handle; short-haul trucks outperform Monster RC car on off-road racetracks, and in recent years major brands have specialized Launched a race-class short-haul truck.


4.MINI car: The ratio of mini remote control car is generally between 1:32 and 1:18, which is probably the size of a computer mouse. There are not many brands of mini-remote model cars. The most popular one today is the MiniZ series made by KYOSHO.


5, CRAWLER: Crawler's frame can be flexibly twisted, the suspension travel is larger than the general remote control car, and with the special tires of special lines, the Crawler can make a large climb and climb action. When the Crawler was not popular, remote-controlled car enthusiasts needed to design and manufacture modified parts to make a remote Crawler. Until 2006, Axial launched its first real-life Crawler “Scropion”, and many manufacturers also launched their own Crawler. Products such as Kyosho, Teamlosi, and Tamiya have corresponding products.


6, DRIFT: Drift remote control model car (referred to as "Drift car"), for most drivers, "drift" is synonymous with out of control, but the real meaning of "Drift" is floating and can control the car, remote control Drift model The car is a model car that was born to allow the controller to freely drift the desired route.



  1. F1: In the world of remote control model cars, there is also a Formula 1 (F1) model. Although the remote F1 model car is not the top model of the remote control model, the frame structure of the remote F1 model is similar to the real F1. The aerodynamic performance of the car is comparable to that of a real Formula 1 car. Some high-end remote F1 models are also licensed by the F1 team, so the remote F1 is a smaller version of the real Formula 1 car! In addition to the control pleasure brought by the remote control car, the remote F1 model car player can also finely adjust the suspension, shock absorber and aerodynamic components, so that the car can create a higher lap speed in the track!



8, Monster car: Features: agile, flexible control, plus the Monster car's rugged frame, efficient hydraulic shock absorbers, high torque power equipment. The more popular Monster car ratio is 1/8, such as the HPI Savage series, the TRAXXAS series and the Team Losi series.



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