Wholesale Lipo Battery for Resale: 5 Things Have to Know

Wholesale Lipo Battery for Resale: 5 Things Have to Know

Are you the newcomers of wholesale lipo battery for resale online or on your offline store?

Although there are many benefits to selling LiPo batteries, some people are skeptical about past transactions. But Don’t worried. In this post, I will share you 5 ideas and some FAQ that you should know when you are wholesale lipo battery for resale.

wholesale lipo battery

5 Have-to-know things for wholesale lipo battery

  1. wholesale lipo battery with brand familiarity 

Like many products, familiar brands always attracted customers. People who buy RC lipo battery are those who play RC models for many years or some newcomers. In this case, customers always buy their familiar and trusted battery brands. Wholesalers can resale RC lipo battery at a fraction of cost so, you also can stock the branded batteries, like Ovonic, that your customer wants at a very low price. 

  1. Know your target market

This is a common question that everyone should think about it. RC lipo battery can be used in many different fields, such as RC cars, FPV drones, racing drones, RC racing cars, RC airplanes, etc. Of course, you can wholesale lipo batteries for all these fields, but it requires you to invest lots of money and have a wealth of knowledge. Wholesale is for more profits, not loss, know your position helps you to occupy the target market quickly.

  1. Having enough knowledge about lipo battery

wholesale lipo battery for resale requires you to know the lipo batteries and its’ applications. Different from other products, lipo batteries have short storage time. The longer the lipo battery is stored, the greater the damage to the performance. Besides, they have strict requirements for temperature and humidity in the storage environment. For instance, since long-term storage will cause battery activity passivation, the self-discharge speed is increased, and the ambient temperature is preferably between 10 ° C and 30 ° C. Besides, a charge and discharge cycle is required every 3 months to maintain its activity and recovery performance. 

Batteries' applications vary from each other. Know their applications make you more professional helping you attracted more customers.

  1. Know your customers’ pain points

In wholesale or retail business, what customers care about is what they can do with your products and what benefits they can get from purchasing your products and services. To know whether the batteries you wholesale for resale have market or not, it depends on whether you can provide a better solution or better services to customers’ pain points. It is not enough to have an excellent product or service. You also need to listen to your customers and meet their needs or wishes.

  1. Have Reliable suppliers

We all know that suppliers are the key to wholesale. But what kind of suppliers can be regarded as reliable lipo battery suppliers? Here are some qualifications that you can make them as references.

● Suppliers with stable supply capacity

● Suppliers with the developed battery capacity

If one supplier can have their develop and research team, it means it’s not a small supplier and at least, they have their factory and have quality control for their products.

● Suppliers with good customer services

● Suppliers who provide rounded after-sale and pre-sale services

● Suppliers who have related certifications for selling lipo battery

● Supplier who can deal with emergency events

ovonic fpv battery

Better still, Ovonicshop is such a leading global reliable supplier providing wholesale RC lipo batteries’ services.

Ovonicshop ---- One-stop solution for lipo battery wholesale business

As an emerging and credible battery brand, they dedicate to developing and providing better and diverse power solutions for different RC hobbyist. Why we say it’s a reliable supplier for lipo battery wholesale business. Here are some reasons:

1. High-quality products with wide applications

Ovonic design and produce lipo batteries for various of RC models, like RC cars, RC drones, FPV drones, UAV, RC airplanes, etc. And they are compatible with many famous branded RC models, such as Traxxas, Tamiya, Duratrax, Gryphon Dynamics OCTO OT-1200F, E-flite Fokker DVII 250, etc. All products must experience a strict test and quality control process before shipping out.

2. Having their factory and R & D team

There are less lipo battery distributors have their factories, However, Ovonic has their factories and R & D team. Large factories allow you to get a good quality product at a low cost without the middleman and also means they can control their product quality and production process. Besides, the R & D team would develop new batteries to meet the market’s demand in time. Whatever battery problems you meet, they can give you the solution.

3. Providing good customer services and after-sale services

To resolve the issues that customers meet during pre-sale and after-sale in time, they have 7*24 hours of customer services. Whenever you contact them, they always reply to you in a very short time.

4. Global shipping services

Wherever you are, as long as the shipping service reach, they can deliver products to you in time.

Now, wholesale RC lipo battery from Ovonicshop, you will also get an exciting discount, except for the wholesale price.

Next, there are some FAQ of wholesale lipo battery for resale

 Q: Where can I get RC lipo batteries in India with a warranty?

A: There are many website that you can purchase RC lipo battery, like Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Ovonicshop. Both their products are with warranty. But, buy RC lipo battery, it’s recommended you to buy it from Ovonicshop. Because this website mainly designs and produces RC lipo battery. However, Alibaba and Aliexpress are the third party platforms, all products are from their suppliers. In some fields, the profession will be better, like a battery.

rc lipo battery

Q: Is fast charging bad for your battery?

A: In principle, the damage of the battery comes from two aspects: on the one hand, when the battery is charged and discharged, the cathode and anode of the battery will shrink and expand with the release and absorption of ions, and the battery will be destroyed by a long time. The chemical on the battery leads to a shortened battery life. On the other hand, in the case of fast charging, due to the relatively high current, the thermal effect of the current will increase, causing the battery to generate high temperature, and the high temperature will cause the capacity to be suddenly reduced and the battery core to be permanently damaged.

Q: How to import lipo batteries in bulk from China to India?

A: There are some steps:

Step 1: Know clearly that what kind of lipo battery is allowed import to India and how are the duty charged?

Step 2: Find a reliable lipo battery supplier in China

Step 3: Negotiate with your suppliers about your wholesale business details, like shipping, duty, certifications, etc.

Step 4: Waiting for your orders.

Q: How to find the retail market for lipo batteries wholesale business?

A: Here are some tips:

Tip 1:  Give your product a clear position

The product position decides your target market and target customers.

Tip 2: Make good use of internet

This is the internet era. Using your social media tools, like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. and make some ads online. When you advertise to consumers online, you will be exposed to customers and other business owners who may be interested in bringing your products.

Tip 3: Analyze your customer pain point and give the better solution

Q: How to find a trusted supplier for an RC Lipo battery?

A: This has been mentioned the above content. View the above content of “having reliable suppliers”, you will find the answer.


That’s all content I want to share with you about wholesale lipo battery for resale. Now it’s your turn if there are any aspects of RC lipo battery I miss in this post or you want to know? Leave your comment and let me know.




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