What is the best Ovonic battery for RC crawler

What is the best Ovonic battery for RC crawler

Choosing the right Lipo RC battery for your RC Crawler involves many factors. It is not much different from other RC cars. The main considerations are the following factors

*Voltage: The nominal voltage of a conventional LiPo battery is 3.7v per battery. When fully charged, the LiPo battery should be 4.2v, and never lower than 3.2v when discharged. In LiPo battery, we use "s" to represent the number of batteries connected in series, 1S = 1cell (3.7v)

*Capacity: This is usually the largest or most obvious rating displayed on the LiPo battery pack, in mAh (milliamps/hour) or Ah (amps/hour). Capacity is an important factor to consider. Think of capacity (mAh) as the amount of fuel in a car's fuel tank. The high-capacity fuel tank will make your car drive longer.

*Weight: Generally speaking, the weight is related to the battery capacity, voltage and magnification. The larger the value, the heavier it is, so you can consider it when choosing.

*Physical size: Although most manufacturers try to keep the size consistent, the size can still vary greatly. Sometimes the size difference of 2mm may make it unable to fit your model. Some cars have a fixed size battery compartment, so this parameter will be more important when choosing a battery, while some battery compartments can be adjusted, so there will be more choices when choosing a battery.

*Connector: The choice of connector is equally important. Different connectors can withstand different currents, so you must determine the current required by your car before choosing. It is best to find a battery connector you like and stick to it. This way, you can easily replace the battery, and if you decide to build another drone later, you can use the same battery.

For more details about the connector, click this link to learn:


*Discharge rate (C): Discharge is the amount of electricity the battery can provide to your power system. The "C" rating is the product of capacity.

To learn more about LiPo batteries 


Now let's take a look at several Ovonic LiPo batteries that can be used in RC Crawler. Most climbing vehicles use 2s or 3s batteries, and 1/8 and 1/10 are the most common in Scale.

2s Ovonic battery for RC Crawler

50C 6200mAh 2S1P Hardcase with T plug

50C 5000mAh 2S1P Hardcase with T plug

50C 5200mAh 2S1P Hardcase with T plug

50C 8000mAh 2S1P Hardcase with T plug

50C 5200mAh 2S1P Softcase with XT60 plug

These 5 models are currently selected by many people. They are suitable for 1/10 scale. If you want to use 1/8 scale, you can use two. It can be seen that their capacity is between 5000-8000mah, most of which are hardcase, using the common T plug and XT60 plug.

Then there may be doubts, whether to choose Hardcase or Softcase? If you are just swatting or racing unapproved competitions, then the soft pack (shrink wrap) packaging is fine, just make sure that they will not be damaged during use. Rocks, stones, wood and basically everything that can be found off-road can cause damage. In this case, the hard case is the only way to go. When your model is equipped with a closed battery box, you can also wrap it.

3s Ovonic battery for RC Crawler

50C 2200mAh 3S1P with T plug

50C 3000mAh 3S1P with T plug

Many people choose these two models. They are not only used on RC Crawler, but RC airplane is also their field.

Of course, not only these batteries above, more batteries can enter ovonicshop to choose.

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