Top 5 Types of Multicopter Battery for Wholesale in 2019

Top 5 Types of Multicopter Battery for Wholesale in 2019

You will get 5 types of multicopter battery for wholesale in 2019, as well as some useful tips of how to pick drone battery chargers and where to buy wholesale X-Class battery and multicopter battery with certification.

5 Best wholesale multicopter batteries

1. OVONIC 22.2V 5200mAh 6S 50C LiPo for X-Class Drone Arrma
ovonic 22.2v 5200mah 6S 50c lipo

Ovonic 22.2V 5200mAh 6S 50C liPo is mainly designed for X-class drone, Arrma KRATON 6S BLX, TALION 6S BLX, OUTCAST 6S BLX, SENTON 6S, MIKADO LOGO500, ALIGN T-REX550/600, GAUI X5, Outrage 550, Hirobo SDX, large multi rotors, EDF Jets, etc.

But for 600 to 700-size helicopters, only if the voltage, dimension, and the plug match, it will fit. 

If you want to buy a powerful X-Class drone battery, the Ovonic 6S 5200mAh Lipo battery will be your best choice. Everything will be packaged well, when shipping out. Besides, battery arrived well balanced at 3.86v per cell and won’t overheat and swell, when it’s on working.


Capacity(mAh): 5200mAh

Voltage(V): 22.2V

Discharge Rate (C): 50C

Configuration: 6S1P

Net Weight(dev.20g): 518g

Length(dev.5mm): 139mm

Width(dev.2mm): 42mm

Height(dev.2mm): 55mm

Discharge Plug: XT90 Plug

2. OVONIC 50C 3S 4500mAh 11.1V Lipo Battery for RC

50c 3s 4500mah 11.1v lipo battery for rc

The hardcase 2 of 3s 8000mah fit arrma 6s well. With such a large capacity, the driving time can last one hour, like outcast. Besides, it’s compatible with all 1/8 Scale Vehicles which require a hard case 3S lipo battery pack.


Capacity(mAh): 8000mAh

Voltage(V): 11.1V

Discharge Rate (C): 50C

Configuration: 3S1P

Net Weight(dev.20g): 848g (424g for one pack)  

Length(dev.5mm): 130mm

Width(dev.2mm): 40mm

Height(dev.2mm): 31mm

Connector Type: Deans Plug

Balancer Connector Type: JST-XHR

3. Ultrax 6300mAh 14.8V 4S Replacement LiPo Battery 

ultrax 6300mah 14.8v 4S replacement liPo battery

This battery specially designed for Yuneec Typhoon H drone. With the superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials,it has the long cycle time(150 times minimum) and up to 200Wh/kg energy density.

With 6300mAh capacity, its’ flying time can last 22 minutes. Some users reviewed it that “ As good as the original battery, they have more long flight time”. Don’t hesitate to buy it, if you are finding a good performance battery for your Yuneec Typhoon H drone.


Brand: Ultrax

Capacity(mAh): 6300mAh

Voltage(V): 14.8V

Net Weight(dev.20g): 570g

Length(dev.5mm): 170.6mm

Width(dev.2mm): 52.4mm

Height(dev.2mm): 11.5mm

4. Ovonic 6S 13000mAh LiPo Battery Pack for Multirotors Drone

lipo battery pack for multirotors drone

Ovonic 6S 13000mAh liPo battery is specially designed for Freefly ALTA 6&8, XL Hexacopter, xFold SPY x12, Gryphon Dynamics OCTO OT-1200F, Gryphon Dynamics HEXA HX-900F, DIY Drones, Agriculture Spraying Drone, Pesticide Spraying Drone, Multi-rotors and Other Airplane, etc.

For the Gryphon Dynamics HEXA HX-900F, it’s suggested to run 2 in parallel for 28000mAh or power.

Its features are the high power, the ultimate voltage, high capacity, and low resistance. With 13000mAh capacity, its’ maximum charge and discharge rate is up to 25C. If you want a powerful battery pack that depends on even when you push it to its limits, it will be your the best choice.


Cells Number: 6Cell / 6S

Voltage: 22.2V Minimum

Capacity: 13000mAh

Discharge: 25C

Plug: AS150 Plug

Battery Dimension: 232mm * 68mm * 55mm

Battery Weight: 1850g

5. OVONIC 6S 4500mAh LiPo for X Class Drone

ovonic 6s 4500mah lipo for x class drone

For the 6S 4500mAh LiPo for X Class Drone, someone tested it and gave the feedback that it never shows signs of sagging when it rings out with full throttle passes; And it can always give the power demanded, when it’s on working. Besides, it fits for the following models: T-REX 550X/600L/700/760/800E, SG507 - GOBIN 500 SPORT, X-Class drone, 70mm-90mm EDF jet, Arrma 6s cars, multi-copter drone, etc. But when choosing this battery for your drone, please note their voltage, dimension, and the plug. Because, when the voltage, dimension and the plug match, it will fit.


Capacity: 4500mAh

Voltage: 22.2V

Discharge Rate: 50C

Configuration: 6S1P

Net Weight(dev.20g): 1244g (622g for one pack)

Length(dev.5mm): 140mm

Width(dev.2mm): 40mm

Height(dev.2mm): 50mm

Connector Type: Dean

Balancer Connector Type: JST-XHR

How to pick multicopter batteries and charger?

Buying X-Class and multicopter battery for wholesale online, you can find lots of sold battery and chargers but some of them are made by low-quality materials, which will increase the risk of fire. Because a battery with a low-quality material or a chamfered design is more likely to catch fire during impact or high-speed charging and discharging, which is very common with drone batteries.

Starting the wholesale multicopter batteries and X-Class business, it requires you to know how to pick drone batteries and chargers.

Here are some tips:

  1. Buy multicopter batteries with safe certifications

Buying the cheap, high-quality and good performance battery for wholesale can make you earn more profits. However, for the safety of your business, to buy multicopter batteries for wholesale that were IEC 62133 (or equivalent) and UN38.3 certified to ensure they were safe to use. Not every battery bill indicates whether it is certified or not, and sometimes you must browse the manufacturer's website to find the certification.

Battery manufacturers sometimes deprive extra security features (such as abandoning hard plastic casings and using simple soft plastic packaging) to make cheaper batteries lighter and less expensive. We strongly recommend that you look for brands with such extra durability features or other obvious security features, like Ovonic.

  1. Choose a programmable battery charger

You need to choose the right battery, so is the charger.

The programmable charger is worth the extra cost because it allows you to perform more battery management tasks, such as checking if the battery is designed to charge and discharge, and in storage. It was completely discharged before.

All drone batteries, from the cheapest unnamed batteries to the more advanced batteries produced by drone manufacturers, can benefit from extra care to maintain their effectiveness and safety.

 wholesale multicopter batteries

Where to buy wholesale multicopter batteries with certifications

As an emerging and credible battery brand, they dedicate to developing and providing better and diverse power solutions for different RC hobbyist. Why I say it’s the best choice for wholesale multicopter batteries. Here are some reasons:

  • High-quality products with wide applications

Ovonic design and produce lipo batteries for various of RC models, like RC cars, RC drones, FPV drones, UAV, RC airplanes, etc. And they are compatible with many famous branded RC models, such as Traxxas, Tamiya, Duratrax, Gryphon Dynamics OCTO OT-1200F, E-flite Fokker DVII 250, etc. All products must experience a strict test and quality control process before shipping out.

  • Having their factory and R & D team

There are less lipo battery distributors have their factories, However, Ovonic has their factories and R & D team. Large factories allow you to get a good quality product at a low cost without the middleman and also means they can control their product quality and production process. Besides, they have all the battery’s international export certifications.

  • Providing good customer services and after-sale services

To resolve the issues that customers meet during pre-sale and after-sale in time, they have 7*24 hours of customer services. Whenever you contact them, they always reply to you in a very short time.

  • Global shipping services

Wherever you are, as long as the shipping service reach, they can deliver products to you in time.

Now, wholesale multicopter batteries or wholesale X-Class batteries from Ovonic, you will also get an exciting discount, except for the wholesale price.

Get it here:


That’s all content I want to share with you about wholesale multicopter battery. Now it’s your turn if there are any aspects of wholesaling multicopter battery I miss in this post or you want to know? Leave your comment and let me know.


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