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Softcase vs hardcase lipo, which one should be chosen

Many people are confused about choosing a hardcase battery or a softcast battery. However, whether you are racing or just using it, the battery pack you use in your RC vehicle must be of good quality.


 Softcast LiPo battery


  • Advantage:

1.Softcast is lighter on the battery/battery pack and has a smaller form factor because there is no bulky casing around the battery, which provides more power for the RC to have faster speeds and increase mAh.


  1. Because they are soft protective layers on the outside, it is easy to see the expansiontime and situation of their expansion.


  1. The power supply and balanced wiring are soldered directly to the battery in the battery pack, further reducing weight and avoiding connection points that are more prone to failure.


  1. The LiPo battery packaged in thin heat shrinkage also has moderately better heat dissipation performance than the battery packaged in the hard case.


  1. Softcast can be ordered in large quantities in battery packaging.


  • Disadvantages:

    1.Softcast LiPo batteries have a fragile surface and only a thin layer of heat-shrink tubing encases them, which may be punctured or torn by various tools that lack durability and safety.


   2.If the aircraft using them falls, they are also likely to be damaged. Be sure to thoroughly inspect any crashed battery for damage and pay close attention to it during the next few charge cycles. Most RC tracks and flying clubs keep a bucket of sand to safely isolate suspicious batteries.



  • Note: For softcast, you can actually check the battery and find the fault before a catastrophic failure. If or when the cell begins to swell, you can stop it and safely process it (instead of continuing to run it).


  • Application: Several advantages based on softcast LiPo battery: light weight, small size,  easy to find battery abnormalities, etc. RC aircraft (helicopter, aircraft and four/multi) rotors, usually using softcast RC LiPo battery.


Hardcase LiPo battery

Hardcase LiPo uses a hard plastic case to house the soft plastic LiPo bag battery of the battery pack.

This gives them extra protection from moderate impact and rough use.


  • Advantages:
     1. LiPo battery is installed in a hard plastic case. Helps protect fragile cells from damage in harsh environments.Hard packaging is always safe and can be extensively damaged like a soft bag.


    • Disadvantages:
    1. Hardcase's lithium battery will reduce capacity and reduce power potential.


    1. hardcasepackaging can completely hide the expanded cells in the case, and when the expansion becomes bad enough, the hardcaseusually ruptures.


    1. In the event of a crash, there is a slight expansion in a cell and you will not be able to see the extent of the unit damage, you will continue to run and may damage your system.


    • Note: If the battery is subjected to severe shocks, pay close attention to it during the next few charging cycles. Most RC tracks and flying clubs keep a bucket of sand to safely isolate suspicious batteries.


    • Application: Hardcase LiPo batteries are mainly used in RC cars, bugies and trucks that are susceptible to impact. But not all of these RCs must use hardcase LiPo batteries, depending on the vehicle, as some RC cars and trucks provide good physical battery protection. It also depends on actual usage, for example, there may be more “impact” events in competition with other vehicles.

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