Ovonishop Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday Batteries Super Discount

Ovonishop Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday Batteries Super Discount

The annual year-end shopping season is here again, and Ovonicshop will also have various discounts at the end of the year. In November, from Thanksgiving, we started our Pre-Black Friday campaign. During this period , The price is basically the same as that of Black Friday, except that the items given in the two events are slightly different.

On Thanksgiving Day, we will give out Ovonic hats or T-shirts as gifts to thank our customers for supporting, and on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we will give customers a extra off for specific order amount, so that customers can get more offer.

Get more Details:

Thanksgving day sale-- Pre-Black Friday sale ( already started)

Activity time:

November 19th-November 26th

Activity form:

Huge discount, up to 61% off and ovonic hats or T-shirt as gift


*Get 1*Ovonic Hat on order over $129AUD,

*Or get 1*Ovonic T-shirt on order over $199AUD


Thanksgving day sale is also a Pre-Black Friday sale. The discounted products are most the same as Black Friday. Of course, some products that are not in stock may be sold out before Black Friday. So don't hesitate to buy now. Next, recommend super discount batteries, these batteries will not be discounted too much in normal times, especially the new products in September and October.

1) FPV LiPo batteries



These products are already at the lowest prices, even the Black Friday, there will be no further price reductions, but the stock is limited, especially 100C 1000mah 6S XT60 and 100C 1300mah 4S XT60, which has a low inventory now. The 120C racing series all use better materials and have a higher magnification. And they are almost sold at the cost price.

2) RC car LiPo batteries

This is the first big event after the new RC car LiPo batteries online, so many car models have very big discounts

These two 6s batteries have high magnification rates of 100C and 80C. For normal activities, they cannot be reduced to such a low price. At present, this price is a special application price, and because they are exceeded 100WH, some countries cannot be shipped. And like Australia, there is a surcharge for this kind of battery, so the usual price will not be low.


This battery can be used for most 1/10 and 1/8RC cars. Some users have used it recently and said that they were amazed by its power.


The cells used in this battery are very advanced and can perform as good as the Red line series of tattu. This price can only be seen in such large-scale promotional activities.

In addition, our usual hot-selling model O-50C-5000-3S1P-XT60 also has a very big discount this time.


3.RC aircraft/X-class LiPo batteries

Due to a mistake in placing an order, this model has made a lot of inventory, so it is currently in a clearing state. Even on the Black Friday last year, this price cannot be given, especially when the current logistics cost has risen a lot compared with last year.

These two batteries are our regular use for small airplanes, and there is also a big discount this time.

This battery is specially designed to give X-class more power. As a high-rate 6s battery, this price is definitely at a loss.


Black Friday &Cyber Monday sale - Super discount and extra off for specific order amount

Activity time:

November 26th to December? number

Activity form:

Similar discounts to Thanksgiving, up to 61%off and Buy $129AUD/$199AUD get $? & $?off


At present, Thanksgiving has already included all the products that on sale, and some of them are currently sold out. These discounts will continue until Black Friday.

Of course, if a lot of products have been sold out before Cyber Monday , and there are not many products remaining in stock, a special price for limited quantity may be carried out for some products to give a good ending of this big promotion.

However, the products listed above are already at cost prices or even at a loss, so unless there are special circumstances, it is impossible to reduce prices.


1.Ovonicshop free shipping on order over AUD$99 for AU & KR & RU& MY &SG.  And we can also ship to more countries, If you want to place order and your country is not in list, pls inquiry via info@ovonicshop.com

2.Ampow is also have the same promotions, ship to USA, CA, EU, with a big price cut and Buy 1 get 1 or buy 3 get 1, Pls click to order:


Written at the end:

Because there will be a lot of people buying products on the Black Friday, so the logistics will be a lot of pressure, and the transportation time will be delayed, so if you don't want to wait too long, Buy it now!

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