5 Best FPV Lipo Batteries for Wholesale

5 Best FPV Lipo Batteries for Wholesale

In this post, I will share you with 5 best FPV lipo batteries for wholesale, lipo battery wholesale suppliers, the advantage of wholesale FPV lipo battery from China and some useful tips about how to identify a qualified Chinese wholesale supplier. Let’s start.

5 Types of FPV lipo batteries for wholesale

Here I will share some popular lipo batteries for FPV that you can buy for wholesale.

1. OVONIC 100C 6S 1300mAh LiPo Battery Pack for Freestyle

100C 6S 1300mAh liPo battery pack for freestyle

This type of FPV battery caters to needs in terms of improving your experience when flying FPV drones. It’s an ideal battery for freestyle quadcopters. Great technological research helps Ovonic provide you with high performing batteries.


Ovonic FPV battery has a capacity of 1300mAh and a voltage of 22.2. Connect your FPV lipo batteries with an XT60 plug for it to charge efficiently. This solid connector is made up of integrated leads to maximize current flow for applications that may be demanding. The leads are also responsible for streamlining installation of the FPV lipo batteries. It works on a discharge rate of 100c with a maximum burst discharge rate of 200C. 

2. OVONIC 1300mAh 4S, 100C LiPo Battery for FPV

1300mAh 4S, 100C liPo battery for fPV

As one of the most popular FPV lipo batteries, almost every customer would give a good review and recommend it to their friends after using it. This kind of lipo battery mainly design for FPV Quadcopter models. Compared with other popular brand high, C pack, this FPV battery with amazing price and quality, is a great alternative to the r line pack. 

We all know, 4S lipo battery is widely used in the FPV drones. Not like the consuming products, lipo batteries are updated slowly and it’s difficult to find a good lipo battery for FPV hobbies. When they get a good battery for their FPV drone, they will use and buy them again and again. Buy it for wholesale will help you win a good reputation among customers and increase your sales.


The FPV lipo battery has a C rate of 100 C with a 3.7 maximum volts per cell. They measure 69× 32 × 29 in mm and weighs 171grams. The brand has a 1300mAh battery capacity. You need an XT60 connector to plugin.

3. 1550mAh 4S, 100C OVONIC LiPo Battery for FPV

lipo battery for fpv

As one of the hot-sale FPV lipo battery, it gets lots of good reputations among FPV hobbies by providing high power and long run time for FPV drones. Differ from other brands' FPV battery, it can keep the discharge between 1300 to 1400 and gain you more extra flying time. Better still, The amount of power at the end of the battery is the same as you get on the front end of the battery when it’s on working.


They have a high output discharge rate up to 100C and a large capacity of 1550mAh. They measure 69× 32 × 36 in mm and weighs 197grams.

4. 1300mAh 4S 14.8V 80C OVONIC LiPo Battery for FPV Racing Drone

 lipo battery for fpv racing drone

Would you like to get a good performance when your FPV racing drone is flying? This high-quality lipo battery is designed for your FPV racing drones or freestyle quadcopters. Smaller and lighter than most 1300mAh batteries. This battery can be used for 180mm-250mm FPV quadcopters.


It has a high output rate of discharge up to 80C and enough capacity of 1300mAh provides enough power and flying time for your FPV racing drones or freestyle quadcopters, which make your FPV racing drones have a better flying performance when racing.

Its’ size is 69mm x 31mm x 26mm. Besides, its’ weight is 152g that really good for the FPV racing drone.

5.1300mAh 4S 50C OVONIC Lipo Battery for FPV Practice

lipo battery for fpv practice

Want to get some cheap and good lipo battery for FPV practice? This FPV battery will be your best choice. With the great price, it provides you plenty of power and good flying time and provides you a safe and unique practicing experience.

Better still, even over 50 flight times, this pack never puffed, never showed signs of losing capacity.


50C discharging rate and 1300mAh capacity double your flying time when practicing time.       

As professional FPV hobbies, buy a cheap and good quality FPV practice lipo battery is always the same aim of FPV hobbies. Buy this FPV battery for wholesale, you may get amazing performance.

3 Types of the wholesale channel for lipo batteries

1. Manufacturers

They make products and some of them also sell your products directly. But most of them request the MOQ. Buying products from them directly in bulk, it will be a good choice, as you can save lots of money in a long time without the middleman.

2. Distributors

They are like the middleman in the wholesale business. They bought products, like FPV lipo batteries, in bulk from the local manufacturers or online and resell them online or to local stores in small quantities. 

3. Agents

if it’s hard for you to find a qualified wholesaler by yourself, it doesn’t matter, there are many agents which can offer you many good choices of different industry wholesale suppliers. But before, you decide to cooperate with agents, it requires you to do research online for these agents, including their customers' reviews. Because some of agents doesn’t have strict select rules when selecting wholesale suppliers, distributors, and manufacturer.

How to select a qualified wholesale lipo battery supplier?

Here are some simple and effective ways to help you to find a qualified lipo battery wholesale supplier.

1. View reviews on the forum

Before you confirm the relationship with one supplier, check their reviews online. If there some negative reviews, be wary. Even if this is from the same person, one negative cooperation experience is an indication that you should be wary.

 2. Check company background

For buyers, verify the seller’s background is important before start business. Because it usually what kinds of services or products they provide. It can be done by confirm with related local authorities.

3. Get samples

No matter how good the product they describe, samples always can tell you the truth. Get samples to confirm whether the product is the right one that you want, which can save many troubles for your business.

4. Check the production capabilities

For wholesale business, production capability is key for the supplier. After checking all the above factors, other factors you should take into consideration is production capability, technological expertise and term of services to confirm whether they are able to meet your needs.

Ovonicshop ---- the reputation manufacturer for wholesale FPV lipo batteries

Ovonicshop is a global leading lipo battery brand providing FPV battery and RC car battery for different FPV models and RC car models.

Differ from some distributors, Ovonicshop is a manufacturer. They have their factories and the R & D team. With a huge producing ability, no matter how large your order is, Ovonicshop always supplies the lipo battery stably and allows you to receive your order in time.

They invest lots of capacity into product quality control system. Each lipo battery needs to experience several strict quality test processes to ensure each lipo battery is good and safe before shipping out.

Buying FPV lipo batteries for wholesale directly from the manufacturer, you will get more profit margin for your wholesale business.

Besides, they offer 24 hours professional customer services. If there are some emergency problems need to deal with, it’s very convenient for you to contact related person to handle.

What’s more, they have many oversea warehouses. Good products with exciting price and fast shipping is beneficial for you to expanding your business scale.

Join us to get the wholesale discount now.




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