Ovonic 900mAh 3.6 V 3-cells NIMH battery with molex 5264-2p plugs for baby monitor

by Ovonic
by Ovonic
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Ovonic NiMH 900mAh 3.6 V battery is a battery pack specifically designed for baby monitors. It is made of nickel-metal hydride compounds. It is cheaper than lipo batteries and has higher safety performance.

If you are looking for other types of Ni-MH batteries, Ovonicshop also provides various common cell batteries such as AA batteries, AAA batteries, etc. There are other battery packs such as 3000mah 10.8v 9s for vacuum cleaner.

Specifications of 3.6 v 900mah:

- Brand: Ovonic 

- Chemistry: Rechargeable NiMH

- Capacity(mAh): 900mAh  

- Cells Number: 3

- Voltage: 3.6V

- Battery Dimension: 48mm x 33mm x 13mm

- Battery Weight(dev.20g): 36g

- Connector:  molex 5264-2p plug

Compatible with:

Ovonic NiMH 900mah 3.6 v can be used on baby monitors like MBP18PU, MBP25PU, MBP26PU, MBP27TPU, MBP33SPU, MBP33XLPU, MBP35SPU, MBP36PU, MBP36SPU, MBP41PU, MBP43PU, MBP43SPU, MBP622PU, MBP662CONNECTPU, MBP667CONNECTPU, MBP668CONNECTPU, MBP843CONNECTPU, MBP853CONNECTPU etc.

3.6 v 900mah

Kindly note:

  1. It is forbidden to send nickel-metal hydride batteries to landfills in some areas, so please separate and recycle used batteries
  2. When using nickel-metal hydride batteries for the first few times, you may find that they deplete (discharge) quickly during use. Don't worry, this is normal. They need to be fully charged before they are used for the first time.