Ovonic 450mah 1S1p 3.8V 80C HV Lipo Battery Pack with JST PH2.0 for Tinyhawk FPV Drone[4PCS]

by Ovonic
by Ovonic
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Ovonic is a professional brand which mainly manufactures high rate & high quality LiPo battery, focusing on research, development, production, and sales of LiPo batteries.

As a dynamic brand, ovonic has been constantly exploring in the RC field to provide our customers with more battery choices. This 3.8v 450mah is the first 1s battery /high-voltage battery of ovonic that can be used in micro Tinyhawk  FPV drone.

If you own a bigger FPV drone, we also provides FPV lipos for different size of FPV.

Details of 450mah 1s 80C lipo battery:
- Brand: Ovonic
- Chemistry: Li-polymer
- Configuration: 1S
- Voltage(V): 3.8V
- Capacity(mAh): 450mAh
- Discharge Rate: 80C
- Plug: JST-PH 2.0
- Discharge Plug: JST-PH 2.0
- Net Weight(dev.20):46.8g(11.7g for one pack)
- Length(dev. 5mm): 63mm
- Width(dev. 2mm): 18.7mm
- Height(dev. 2mm): 7.5mm

Please Notice:

For the RC battery, only if the voltage and the plug match, then it will fit. 
To double make sure safety, please have a check first whether the battery surface is alright when you get it and whether the voltage is normal before using. 
If the new battery won’t hold a full charge or loss the charge very quickly in a short time, please use Balance Charger to charge and recycle several times first.

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