18V 3.8Ah FSB18 HPB18 battery replacement for Black Decker Firestorm (2packs) - Ovonic

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by Ovonic
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#Specification of FSB18 replacement battery :

- Brand: Ovonic

- Battery Type: Ni-MH

- Voltage: 18V 

- Capacity: 3800mAh(3.8Ah)

- Net Weight(dev.20g):1468g(734g for one pack)

# Replacement: (Please use the "Ctrl + F ")

For Black and Decker HPB18 battery, HPB18-OPE, HPB18-OPE2, 244760-00,FSB18, FS18C, FS18BX, FS180BX, A18, FS18FL.

# Compatible with:

18v firestorm battery replacement for Black and Decker 18 volt NST1810, NST2018, NS118, NPP2018, NPT3118, BD18PSK, BDGL1800, BDGL18K-2, CD182K-2, CD18SFRK, CD18SK-2, CDC180AK, CDC180ASB,CDC18GK2, EPC182K2, EPC186BK, EPC188BK, EPC188CBK, EPC18CABK, EPC18CAK, EPC18K2, FS188F4, GCO18SFB, GCL2500, HP188F2B. HP188F3B,HP188F3K, HP188F4BK, HPD1800, HPD18K-2, HPG1800, HPG18K-2, NS118, NST2118, PS182KB, PS18K2, SS18, XTC183BK, XTC18BK, etc.

# Features + Benefits

1. Made with the highest quality battery cells, no pollution to the environment.

2. High-output batteries for electric power tools provide up to 500 recharges

3. 3800mAh(3.8Ah) High Capacity provides better compatibility, longer running time,more safety and stability.

4.Easy-in, easy-out spring-loaded slide pack battery

black and decker hpb18 battery

5.The Third Prong

Made of high quality alloy copper raw materials. Ensure that the battery can output power to your tool quickly and steadily.

The extra prong have temperature control protection and will not affect the normal use of the battery.

black decker firestorm 18v battery replacement

6. PC + ABS Case

The robust housing protects the battery well.

Touch feeling is good and gives you the good experience.

Can be easily and firmly installed in your tools. Help you work efficiently.

black and decker battery a1718

# Safety & reliable:

Our Black and Decker A1718 battery replacement are CE/RoHS/FCC certified. Safeguard features against incorrect voltage, battery overload, short circuit, internal overheating.

18v firestorm battery replacement 

# What You Get:

*2 X 3.8Ah HPB18 Battery replacement for B&D 18V power tools

*1 X User Manual

*Worry-free 6-month warranty

# Please note:

*New NiMH batteries usually need to be charged and discharge 3-4 circles in order to achieve maximum performance

* Keep the Battery cool and store only in a cool, dry location.

* When not in use for a long time, remove the battery from tool and put it in a dry environment. It is better to put it in a battery box

*If the battery is store for a long time, it is recommended to charge it slowly at first.


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