Ovonic FPV Battery

Ovonic is an emerging and trustworthy battery brand that has widely been popular currently in the RC community. After using our batteries, RC hobbyists would be surprised and praise their high performance and the perfect price. One of our RC consumers has told us that Ovonic would be a leading brand in RC and FPV batteries. So our products are guaranteed with quality and safety, absolutely worth using.

FPV freestyle or racing requires a large quantity of energy. The optimal lipo batteries can perfectly satisfy this demand and suit your need with guaranteed safety. Let your unmanned aerial vehicles charged with Ovonic lipo batteries. Each battery is under the most stringent production process to ensure high quality and safety.

Our FPV Lipo batteries feature high energy density, long cycle life, perfect price and they're easy and safe to use. We have a lot of various FPV batteries to select from, involving 1300 4S, 1550 4S lipo battery for your 5" 6" FPV. You can choose the Lipo battery in different details you want (such as capacity, discharge rate, Price or Category). Kindly note: please ensure the batteries you select are suitable for your quad.