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    Global Warehouse Lmited Stock!

    Q: Why we sale in Super discount!

    A: Due to the large shipping requirement of Black Friday, we temporarily rented a warehouse for delivery.
    Now we need to clear all the remaining product with low inventory, and release the warehouse
    In order to reduce the inventory fee , so products in this collection are sold at a big loss!


    1. Free shipping over AUD$99(about US$73) for AU, KR, JP, UA, RU, MY, SG, IL,etc.

    2.Ampow local shipping to USA,EU,Canada, England.

    * Free shipping to USA/Canada/England over $49USD

    * Free shipping for DE, Free shipping over $99USD for BE,LU,SK,CZ,HU,AT,NL,DK,FR,IE,IT,PL,SI,ES,FI,LV,LT,SE,BG,EE,GR,MC,PT,HR,GB.

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