$9.99AUD Flash Sale and Super Discount!

First Flash Sale is from 22th- 26th Oct, with 4 items

Second Flash Sale is from 26th-30th Oct, with another 4 items, check it on Flash Sale zone

Global Warehouse Free shipping to AU, RU, SG, MY, TH, JP, KR, UA, IL, KZ, over $99AUD

AU WarehouseFree shipping to Australia over $99AUD

Ampow Halloween Sale , ship to USA, EU, Canada, UK from local warehouse, 

3 x 72H Flash Sale and up to 50%off.

Other local warehouse:

US Warehouse: Free shipping to USA over $49USD

UK warehouse: Free shipping to England over $49USD

EU Warehouse: Ship to most EU countries, Free shipping for DE,,Free shipping over $99USD for BE,LU,SK,CZ,HU,AT,NL,DK,FR,IE,IT,PL,SI,ES,FI,LV,LT,SE,BG,EE,GR,MC,PT,HR,GB.

Canada Warehouse: Free shipping to Canada over $49USD

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